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Scale inteligently with cloud on your own terms.

What we do?

AdaptiveScale provides infrastructure automation solutions that enable enterprises to harness the value of all their data. We remove the complexity of managing fleets of servers, regardless if they are physical or virtual, by providing a powerful set of tools and technology that get out of your way and let you focus on what really matters. We brings DevOps to BigData--with batteries included!

Rapid Deployment

Quickly deploy a private cloud in your own datacenter in with automated provisioning of bare-metal and virtual servers.

Increased Productivity

Manage an entire cluster from your browser or use the API to integrate with your apps.

Centralized Management

Provision, deploy, manage, and monitor your cluster and all your apps with an easy to use intuitive UI.


Add your servers to a resource pool and associate them to the workload you desire. You combine physical and virtual compute resources to take advantage of the benefits each approach has to offer for optimal application performance, flexibility and high availability.


Tag your servers, select the operating system and apps, and they will be installed for you. Servers can be bare metal or virtual instances. All your applications can be deployed at once.


Change your mind as often as you want. All configuration changes are preserved so you can go back to previous working state at any time.

Use your browser for everything to access all your servers from one place. You no longer need to install PuTTY, or hunt down SSH keys.

ACM takes care of it all for you.


View the aggregated performance metrics for full cluster health, or check the vitals for an individual server, all in real time. Create Custom graphs and charts for the metrics you care about.

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About Us

At AdaptiveScale we’re working on tools and technology that bring the promise of elastic computing to the enterprise with exceptional ease of deployment and management of infrastructure from private to public clouds, all from a single point of management.

Our technology helps to remove the complexity from deploying clusters of servers in the enterprise, with the security, reliability, and support that enterprise customers require.

AdaptiveScale solutions include turnkey clusters for next generation data management platforms such as Hadoop.